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Monday, February 28, 2005


Well it took me something like 20 minutes, but i've finally figured out how to link websites to words in my blog...AND they work!!!! I'm doing a happy dance, right now!!!!

Whew! Ok. i'm over i think i'll go work on some projects that i want to finish. The rest of my blogging that i had planned for tonight will just have to wait for tomorrow.


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So, now i have 2 scarf's that I'm working on from Scarf Style.  This is Backyard Leaves made with a great color of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino...yummy!!!!  I had a couple of fits during the first repeat, due to my second guessing the pattern & not counting right.  But, now it's going much better & it's turning out to be bee-u-tiful.  I'm a combo knitter like the designer is, & she wrote this pattern the way that i knit, so i don't have to make any changes to what i'm doing, so the pattern looks right.  Anyway, i've got tons more to go on it before i have the FO to post.  This was just one of many things i started over the weekend.  more on that in a bit...

Bunny Rabbit Bunny Rabbit

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So, I finally caved in & got the rabbit pattern from here after seeing the ones that amy made. i had the perfect yarn in my stash just begging to be something fun & not another scarf. so, here's my first one. i'm making them for all of my family & friends for Easter. although, Mom is getting a super special Noro rabbit that i have a different pattern for. i can't wait to post a pic of the group when done!!!!!!

Knitting Jewelry

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Well, here are some stitch markers i made a few weeks ago & i'm just getting pictures of them.  So much fun to make, all my knitty friends will be getting some this year.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Work in progress

this is all so confusing...i try to change the color of the font on something & i can't tell what changed, then i try something else & it changed something i didn't want it to!!!! ARG! Well, i got some of the fonts changed & actually got a link to another blog added, so i guess i'll call it good for tonight. i want to finish my bag i'm working on. hurt my neck & shoulder over the weekend, so i'm trying to not knit for the week to give it some healing time. later

New pics

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Here is my go at the Ruffles Scarf from "Scarf Style" I'm doing it in Cascade Pastaza & it's just the nicest shade of wintery blue!!

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Yummy! Big Kureyon by Noro. The picture doesn't show it very well, but i'm making a bag out of one of the Debbie Bliss/Noro books. i'll post more pic's when it's done.

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Here is a pic of some of the yarn i recently got. Yummy soft Cascade & Fabulously delicious Noro. I have more on the way by mail, can't wait until those packages show up!!! =)

New Template...

Well, it's not an orchid, but i like it all the same. I got this really nice bamboo template from


The day that went on FOREVER

Ugh! So, i can't take it anymore...I've been sitting here doing almost nothing, all day! I HATE slow days at mean slow days are so refreshing & a joy to have...i LOVE THEM! I'm SO going to regret having said that. I can just here everyone getting up at the same time & starting the long trek over to my desk with their "projects" for me to work on. C'est la vie!!!!

only 1 1/2 hours to go, then i can make a mad dash for some dinner & then home it is. i have a hot date with my pj's, the computer & making some much needed updates to this darn blog. no knitting for me for a few more days. i hurt my neck/shoulder so some time off is what's required. i made the mistake of picking up the needles last night, to finish the bag i'm working on & boy did i pay for that! my shoulder was screaming about it!!! =(

so, tonight i spend quality time with my sweet little blog trying to pretty it up & get some links & other "stuff" added. until then, i'm outy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Darn Cold Season

So, ok...enough is enough. Why does every single sick person at work feel the need to come to my desk, hacking & sneezing, spreading their foul germs?!!!! now i'm getting sick! i mean i'm not getting sick...i'm not getting sick...i'm not getting sick. i really hope that helps.

i'm so cranky that i'm beside myself with trying to find something to do. i'm not sleepy, so bed is out, i'm in just a bad enough mood that i don't even want to work on any of my WIP' bad is that?! so, i'm doing my first posts on my blog & i can already see a problem which i'm hoping this will fix...i posted some pics & there's this HUGE empty space at the top of my page...

i guess i'll just give it up for the night, waste an hour & then watch my addiction...Celebrity Poker Showdown!!!!!

FO's Christmas style

Ok.  i know it's the middle of February, but i'm just starting my blog & thought i should put up some of the gifts i finished for Christmas, before moving on. So...
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This is a lovely drop stitch scarf that i made for a cousin.  I really like working on it.
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This is an extreme close-up of the wrist warmer that i made from SnB Nation.  That pair went to the same cousin as the scarf since this turned out to be WAY too big for my little hands.  i'll post pic's of my edited version when i get them finished.
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And this is the throw that i made for my brothers girlfriend.  i used 2 strands of Homespun & a size S crochet hook.  it's really fast & WAY warm.  i also made my mom one in Gothic (a gorgeous purple), but i can't find the picture i took of it.   =(

As soon as i find the rest of my pic's which are hiding somewhere, i'll post them, too.  but for now, that's it.

The newest kid

And here is the newest addition to the family.  Her name is Quinlan & by now she's about 8 months old.  She's just too cute for words!!!!!!
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My Children

Well, here are my 2 oldest kids!  =)  Paris Francis is the dog with the abnormally large ears & Darby O'Gill is the kitty.Hosted by Photobucket.commally large ears & Darby O'Gill is the kitty

Monday, February 14, 2005

Tah Dah!

Ok...i set this darn thing up a couple of months ago, so it's about time i did something with it. So, this is my first post with hopefully many more to follow (including pic's). so, this is just kind of a test to make sure everything is working ok. when i get home tonight i'm going to spend some quality time with this to try to pretty it up.