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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Darn Cold Season

So, ok...enough is enough. Why does every single sick person at work feel the need to come to my desk, hacking & sneezing, spreading their foul germs?!!!! now i'm getting sick! i mean i'm not getting sick...i'm not getting sick...i'm not getting sick. i really hope that helps.

i'm so cranky that i'm beside myself with trying to find something to do. i'm not sleepy, so bed is out, i'm in just a bad enough mood that i don't even want to work on any of my WIP' bad is that?! so, i'm doing my first posts on my blog & i can already see a problem which i'm hoping this will fix...i posted some pics & there's this HUGE empty space at the top of my page...

i guess i'll just give it up for the night, waste an hour & then watch my addiction...Celebrity Poker Showdown!!!!!


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