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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The day that went on FOREVER

Ugh! So, i can't take it anymore...I've been sitting here doing almost nothing, all day! I HATE slow days at mean slow days are so refreshing & a joy to have...i LOVE THEM! I'm SO going to regret having said that. I can just here everyone getting up at the same time & starting the long trek over to my desk with their "projects" for me to work on. C'est la vie!!!!

only 1 1/2 hours to go, then i can make a mad dash for some dinner & then home it is. i have a hot date with my pj's, the computer & making some much needed updates to this darn blog. no knitting for me for a few more days. i hurt my neck/shoulder so some time off is what's required. i made the mistake of picking up the needles last night, to finish the bag i'm working on & boy did i pay for that! my shoulder was screaming about it!!! =(

so, tonight i spend quality time with my sweet little blog trying to pretty it up & get some links & other "stuff" added. until then, i'm outy.


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