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Friday, April 29, 2005

Stuff, Stuff & more stuff

So, since it's been so long since anyone has seen the "kids" i thought i would take some pic's & show them off.
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Here we have the "smiling" Paris Frances. She was having a blast chewing the living daylights out of the poor frog!
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I call this her "Super Dog" pose. She hasn't been told yet that she's no longer going to be spying on my Secret Pal for me. There was an incident with a shallow hole and a failed mission that she's still trying to deal with and I just haven't been able to break it to her, yet. =) Luckily Quinlan & Darby, a.k.a Frick and Frack, where able to find her & rescue her from certain death due to extreme embarassment.
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Quinlan, a.k.a Frick. She's got a really mean look on her face here...I think it was just the flash that caused it.
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Darby, a.k.a. Frack. He's a master at spying due in large part to his ability to make everyone believe he's sleeping. In reality, he's so finely tuned to his surroundings that he doesn't even waste his time with "looking around"...although, maybe he is really asleep? *shrug*

And now...May i have a drum roll please?!

That's right ladies and gentleman! Feast your eyes on the magical alure of the one, the only, the most gorgeous specimen of knitting greatness ever to be seen by man...

LADY ELEANOR!!!!!!!!!!!

TA DA....
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Yup, I finally finished it & even got the fringe put on. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any decent pictures of it on my person, but i'm hoping to get a good one sometime this weekend. Stay tuned.
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And here we have the obligatory yarn pOrn shot. Yes, that's right. Here we have the lovely Classic Elite Premiere. A yummy Pima/Tencel yarn in a beautiful shade of pale pink. Premiere is "deliciously soft", offers great stitch definition and is equally suited for either the office or any of those special occasions. Premiere's Tencel heritage has helped make it the environmentally friendly fiber that it is today. And as we all know, Pima is the world's finest cotton. Premiere also enjoys long walks on the beach & snuggling with dogs and cats. =)

Ok, sorry for that. I just couldn't help myself. Seriously, though, this is some of the softest yarn, which is why i got it to make Spring Fling out of.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

What's that? A package...for me?

That's right!  I got my very first package from my SP, today.  First of all, i have to say how much i LOVED the e-card that she sent me.  It was hi-larious!!

So, this is what was in the kitty litter box that came for me...that's right.  a kitty litter box.
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A lovely basket with as yet unknow goodies waiting to be freed.
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<GASP>  Look at my precious-es!!!  A travel magazine, some cute heart post-its, hand cream, votives & wool wash...Oh, yeah.  Did i forget to mention those 2 skeins of Manos del Uruguay in a really gorgeous purple?  I think it's looking more blue in this pic, but it's a purple for sure.
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Here it all is in the great basket it came in.  I'll be using that in my bathroom, i think.  It'll hold all of my "stuff" wonderfully.
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And her of course, we have a close-up of the yummy yarn.  I can't wait to find a pattern to use it on. 

So, thank you, thank you my SP.  You hit a home run with this package. 

100 Things about me...I'm workin on it

100 Things about me, in no particular order:

1. I am 29 & single
2. I have 2 cats, Darby O’Gill & Quinlan
3. I have a dog, Paris Frances. She’s a Corgi & a bit of a monster, although lovable.

4. I have 1 brother. He’s 3 years older.
5. I’ve lived in the Puget Sound area for 11 years in June.
6. I moved here with my parents the day after my high school graduation…seriously, the day after.

7. In order, I’ve lived in Minnesota, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, Kentucky, Utah and Washington.

8. I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast
9. I would LOVE to spend time in New York
10.I love the idea of living “in” the city, but I also like having a yard & my very own space.

11.I hate living in apartments
12.I’m trying to pay off my bills & get $$ saved up for my first house
13.I’m currently applying to WASU to get my BA.
14.I’m really unhappy at my current job, even though I make decent money.
15.My favorite job I’ve had so far? Working at a book store.
16.I love the ocean & all it’s creatures.
17.I’m a Pisces & a Fire Dragon
18.I completely relate with my Irish ancestry.
20.Places I want to go before i die: Ireland
26.France (again)
29.Languages I’d like to learn to speak: Italian
30.Irish Gaelic
34.I love thunderstorms
35.Blue is my all time favorite color brings out my eyes
37.I love color, in general…pinks, greens, purples, blues
38.I hate being wrong
39.I don’t like not knowing things
40.I’m a perfectionist
41.I like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups
42.I love orchids
43.I’ve been attacked by birds 2 or 3 times
44.I don’t like birds
45.I would love to live in Hawaii
46.I want to move back to Minnesota
47.I miss the winters there
48.I wish I was the kind of person that took more chances
49.I hate working in an office, but don’t know what else to do
50.My favorite radio station is 107.7 The End
51.My Favorite Movie…Well, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, actually
52.Favorite Author – currently...Laurel K. Hamilton (Mary Gentry series)
OK, I’m finding it very hard to come up with 100 things to share…=(

53.My TV guilty pleasures?...Stargate Sg-1 & Battlestar Galactica
54.Music I like: Norah Jones
55.Harry Conick Jr.
57.The Postal Service
58.Modest Mouse
59.Death Cab for Cutie
61.Tegan & Sarah
62.Green Day
63.White Stripes
64.Nirvana…of course!
65.I love coffee…although I’m not drinking much right now
66.Current coffee drink of choice…Iced Venti Non-Fat Vanilla Latte
67.I LOVE knitting in public
68.I’m only in 1 SnB, but would love to find another closer to home
69.I love doing cross-stitch, but haven’t done any in a couple of years
70.I’ve only been knitting, for real for real, since last November
71.I don’t finish nearly enough projects
72.I wish I could find more sweaters/tops that fit me that I wanted to knit
73.I dream of owning/running a LYS/needlework shop
74.I love tennis
75.I really love hockey!
76.If I didn’t have my animals, I would have a job that required me to travel a lot.
77.I knit at work, whenever i can.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam

So,like that we have a new Pope. And wouldn't you guess it. it's the last man in the world that anyone should want. I truly hoped that the Good Cardinals of the Holy Catholic church would have thought ahead and chosen a progressive, or at least a moderate Pope. But NOOOOOOO. they chose one of the most conservative traditionalists possible. I'm so bummed. I really thought if a moderate was elected and brought some much needed changes to the church, I might go back to the fold, but now that's out of the question. Unless Pope Benedicte the 16th has some big surprises in mind i think the church is about to become even more stuffy & "old". That's just my opinion, of course.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A Weekend of Stash enhancement

First I just have to say, that i'm really mad, right now. I JUST got done with this entry & had posted it to my blog...well, thought i had anyway, go to my blog to add some links & WHAT THE??? No blog entry. Somehow it got lost along the way. So, if you see this exact entry somewhere will you tell it where it should have gone? Thanks.

Anyway, the shorter version. Here we have some lovely Lamb's Pride Bulky in Kiwi & Tiger Lily. They're meant to join a brighter orange and pink to make the laptop bag from SnB Nation. I swatched for it & I may have to make it with smaller needles & NOT felt it. I really like the herringbone pattern & don't want to lose it in the felting process. Anyway, this goes in the stash as i'm not quite ready for that project yet.
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Here we have the wonderful-ness that is my new MP3 player. It's a Zen Micro in a way cute pink. there's a whole story here, but the short version is that i got an iPod Mini, hate the scroll wheel thingy. heard about this one on The End for a couple of weeks, read up on it & decided that i had to have it. Well, i got it on Friday & within minutes i was using it with no problems. Not only will it hold 2500 songs, but I can get FM radio on it AND I can even record the radio on it!!!! Besides that, i got it for $218+shipping from here. Still cheaper than the iPod. Now i just have to find a home for that...Anyone needing/wanting a "like new" iPod Mini in silver?
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Here is what i got at the Seattle Fiber Arts Expo on Saturday. Some fabulous handmade rosewood needles for $10!!! Artyarns supermerino in a wonderful purple for a birthday present. and 3 HUGE skeins (650 yds. each) of a hand painted, machine washable merino. i'm thinking a clapotis scarf out of one of the skeins...
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Close-up pics...still not very good. The sun was actually streaming through the window!
Image hosted by
Yummy, Yummy!!
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$10???!!!!!! I know!!! They weren't perfect, somehow, so she only wanted $10 instead of the usual $60 for them. How can you possible pass that up?!
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And here we have a progress report on the entrelac wrap. I love this. I truly, truly do. By now, i'm about 1/2 done with it and can't wait for the end. someone at Yarn Yoga on Friday had an interesting idea for the fringe...Ben's has a ribbon yarn(?) that is almost the exact same colors as the Noro I'm using. So, when i'm finished with this, i'm going to have to take it with me & see if i want to do the fringe in that instead of the Noro.
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WOW! I really condensed this down from the original version. I still have more to add, but need to get some work done on Mom's Day gift & B-day gift, so that will have to wait.


Friday, April 15, 2005

SP4 has begun!!!!

YAY!!!!! I found out who I’m going to be surprising, yesterday & I’ve sent her a cute e-card to let her know I’m thinking about her. Still haven’t seen or heard from my Secret Pal, but today is the official day for everyone to find out, so I’m really trying to be patient. =)

Anyway, I think I’ll post a list of things that my SP….and others…might find helpful. Hopefully I’ll get it done & up, tonight.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Stuff

This has been one of my crappy weekends.  =(

Not sure what set me off, but i've been really bummed most of the weekend.  I couldn't even knit!  I'm not sure about anyone else, but sometimes i'll get into such a funk that I can't even make myself do anything.  It completely SUCKS, but there you go.  Anyway, this was one of those weekends.  Saturday night, i finally decided that i needed to get out of the house, so i thought i'd head to Pacific Fabric & see if they had any yarn that wanted to come home.  I'm also trying to find a purse/bag pattern to use for this way cute fabric i got a while back.  anyway, after practically getting kicked out, 'cause they were closing (my fault) i ended up with this...
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Muench Touch Me...yeah, it's true.  I think i've found the worlds most fabulously soft yarn EVER!  It's fabulous!  This is destined to become the Vintage Velvet scarf out of Scarf Style, for my Mom.  I'm hoping to get it done in time for Mother's Day.  I actually started it, today & even though i wasn't very motivated to do anything, again, I've managed to do 2 1/2 repeats.  It's looking gorgeous, so far.  I'll get a more done, before posting any pic's.

Anyway, i also picked up this...
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3 balls of something called Bubbles.  It's so fun & cheerful, i just couldn't pass it up.  I'm thinking it'll become a hat for next winter...i know...i know.  it's spring, but i couldn't pass it up & i really think it's too heavy/bulky for anything this time of year.

Oh!  I got this great idea this weekend for a first project for me to try to design, myself.  I'm not sure how well it will go, but i have some great cotton stria from Manos del Uruguay, in great spring colors, that i want to use so bad.  so, i'm going to try to come up with a great little hat for myself.  i haven't really made a lot of hats, or had good luck with them, but i'm inspired, so i'm going to give it my best shot.  i'll just have to read up on some basic hat shaping, so i have an idea of what i'm doing, but i can kind of see it in my head.  i need to sketch it out, so i have something to work off of.  if it works out & i actually get it done, i'll be sure to post pic's.

Anyway, that's it for now, i'm sure i'll be up until about 1, again tonight, since it is a sunday...i can never get to sleep at a decent time on Sunday's.

I give

<Sigh>  Clapotis #2 has not been going very well.  As a matter of fact, it's been in time out since Monday or Tuesday, when I discovered this....
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That's right!  Not sure what happened, but when i dropped this stitch & unraveled it to the end, not only was i, AGAIN, 1 stitch off, but now it's starting to unravel side-to-side, besides!!!!  No way to fudge this one, i'm going to have to rip it back.  This makes me so mad, This was my 7th dropped stitch...that's right.  i was about 1/2 way through.  Now, i'm going to just frog the whole damn thing and start over...that is, when i can stand to look at it again.  i'm very bitter over it, still, so it'll have to remain in time out for a while longer.  Guess that means i have more time for my entrelac project & some others that have been sitting idle during my clapotis obsession.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hi. My name is Denise....

...And I'm a Yarnaholic.

See for yourself. I'm flashing my stash for April Fool's Day

Here is a bunch of really nice Colinette for you to's the Ab Fab kit in Rhapsody in Blue.
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And here is some random yarn that was still in a plastic bag...a little mohair mixed in there.
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This is my sock yarn stash...i'm seriously addicted to it...especially that KnitPicks stuff!
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Last but not least...this is my BIG stash. There's a bit of Lamb's Pride. Some Noro...Manos Del Uruguay and then some Lion Brand...I'm really not picky. =)
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Well, that's most everything i could find. i do have more, but the rest of my stash is for WIP's, so i have them separate. I took pictures, but i'll have to post them later. I need to get something to eat & then get my stuff together for Yarn Yoga, tonight. Can't wait to check out everyone else's stashes.