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Friday, May 13, 2005

Well...I'm not sure if words can describe the shitiness of the day I've had today, but I guess I'll give it a shot. At least part of it...

So, I had today off from work and thought I would check out the HUGE sale at Great Yarns. Got up, got myself and the dog ready, 'cause I thought she would enjoy the ride and just getting out of the house. Left the house, stopped at Starbucks, which by the way was packed with people...Got coffee, headed north. Got to the shop....well, drove past the shop. Now, this place has crappy parking, to begin with. Actually the only parking they have is on the street, which is a busy main road. I past the store, no parking, turn the corner, no parking...find a parking lot, that happens to only be for the doctor's office there...continue to the residential street behind the store. AHA! Parking. So, park, get the dog settled for while I'm gone & walk back up to the store. Lots of yarn on the front yarn & a bunch of other stuff that I have no interest in. So, in I go. The place is packed with women. Now, this is a pretty small place to begin with, and was made all the smaller by the 20 or so women crammed mainly in one part of the shop. So, I start in the front room...sock yarn, Koigu, mercerized cottons. Great, but none of that is on sale, and the little bit I found that was on sale didn't interest me. Strike 2. While I'm in this room looking around, I see a woman go to the front counter and ask the 2 women, who by the way are just standing there doing nothing...anyway, she asks them if they can help her with something, and one of the ladies has the utter gall to tell her that they don't really have time to answer many questions, since they have the sale going on...WHAT?!!!!! OK, had this been me, I would have immediately set down the big basket FULL of stuff that she was holding told them where they could stick their sale & walked out of there. Really, they're too busy to answer questions? They are sales associates at a yarn store in the middle of a sale. Two...2 women standing at 1 cash register not doing a damn thing!!! *deep breathe* Anyway, I found a cute yarn that i thought i could make some socks out of, even though it wasn't "sock" yarn. Anyway, I couldn't find the yardage and went to ask them about it. Walked up to the cash register & said "I have a question..." OH NO SHE'S NOT GOING TO INTERRUPT ME AND TELL ME THEY CAN'T ANSWER QUESTIONS 'CAUSE THEY'RE TOO BUSY WITH THIS SALE....but, no, before she has time to utter a word, I plow ahead with my question. So, I continue looking through the store. Brave the worst of the crowds...all the while keeping my cool. I only muttered about wanting to get out of there, once...So, long story short...Here is what I came away with from the HUGE sale

That's right, there isn't a malfunction, you aren't missing anything. I didn't find a damn thing in that entire place that I was willing to get. They had a ton of stuff I didn't want on sale, and not a single thing I wanted on sale. Ain't that just a bitch?! I have to say, like usual when I get my hopes up and get excited about something, those hopes are quickly dashed. And, I have to admit I was really kind of upset that I had wasted my time on it.

So, now we come to a hard decision that I'm making for myself. I'm giving up on knitting. Maybe not forever...probably not forever, but definitely for a while. I think this has been coming on for a while. I'm just tired of not being able to find patterns that fit, or having to get enormous amounts of yarn for a pattern I want to make. I'm sick to death of scarves and wraps and other accessories...So, I'm just going to stop for a while. I'll keep collecting fun stuff for my Secret Pal, I would never just quit in the middle of that, but I personally just need a break from it all.

Guess I'll use the time to catch up on some reading and start doing my cross stitch again. I'm going to look through my patterns this weekend for one I want to start, or finish. Also, I guess if I'm going to start knitting again, I'll ultimately have to put some hard work into losing weight this summer. Otherwise there really won't be any reason to pick it back up again in the fall. At Yarn Yoga I'll just have to start an afghan or something and work on that while I'm there.

So, I don't think I'll give up on the blog, but if you read it, and you do so for the knitting content, you might want to check back in a few months. I'll try to keep updates on the progress of other things that are going on in my life.

So, if you've made it this far, you are really a glutton for punishment. I told you I had had a shitty day, today.

Good Bye.


  • At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Your SP said…

    Oh Neecie! I'm sorry you are feeling so disappointed! It's not unusual for people to go off knitting for a bit. Just don't forget to come back. I took a class in the Mobius loop method (the Cat Bordi book) I'm going to be making pet beds. Check it out. It's really fun.

    It going to be a challenge coming up with your June surprise...but I'm up for it. Seems I will have to be doing some undercover work. Maybe I can recruit a double agent from within your organization.

    Take care.

  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Renada said…

    I can totally relate--the attitudes and bad customer service that seems to be spreading, the high prices/low yardage, patterns for tiny people--the list goes on and on. I'm embarking on sewing myself, but I have so much yarn in the stash, I can't "afford" to quit. I'll check in on you from time to time--go have a yarn breather--we'll be here!

  • At 12:44 PM, Blogger Lisa P said…

    I'm shocked you stayed in the store as long as you did. If it had been me I don't know if I could have stayed there that long.

    Did you dog at least enjoy the time out of the house? :)

    Don't feel bad about leaving knitting. I stopped beading for about six years and once I got the urge to bead again, I did. If you have to stop, you have to stop. No worries. Post pics of your cross stitch stuff! I'd love to see that. :)

  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger rincaro said…

    I'm not ready to quit, but I sure can sympathize. Being a plus size girl and having to buy twice or three times as much yarn for a pattern has kept me pretty far away from garments. Especially when everything seems to come in such small skeins anymore.

    Sorry about the crappy yarn store experience.


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