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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Please Help

If you haven't done so, please go to one of the charities supplying much needed aid to the victims of Hurrican Katrina and pledge some money. It doesn't take a lot and now days you can do it all very securely online, even. Instead of buying that yarn that you saw and wanted, "just 'cause" or in place of your weekly night out or that new CD you've been waiting for...take that money and go someplace like here, or here. and let that money do some real good for people that really need it.

As an animal lover, I'd also like to remind other animal lovers to not forget all of the furry creatures that have been affected by this tragedy. If we don't help them, no one will and they'll all just fall through the cracks. I'm sure lots of people will say that the most important thing is to get help for the people, and i completely agree with that, but I wouldn't be the person I am if the plight of all of the stranded, abandoned & hurt animals didn't move me to help them too.

So, enough preaching from me. Make a donation or don''ll be the only one that knows, but just think how good you'll feel knowing that you did something that can really make a difference.

My thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by this horrific event, both directly and indirectly. God Bless!

Also, check out The Truth Laid Bear for some info on BLOG FOR RELIEF DAY...Sept. 1st. Add yourself to the list if you've already donated, or make a donation, then add yourself. I donated to The Red Cross & The Humane Society


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