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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sock Madness "Loser" socks

So, let's be honest here...I hated the pattern for the recent round of sock madness. I just don't do cuffed ankle socks, sorry. Anyway, due to that & the fact that i have a nerve pinched that makes my thumb & index finger tingle, i decided to sit out this round and let my competitor win. I was joined by another competitor in the boycotting of the pattern. So, we decided to do our own pattern for this round. We decided on the Undulating Ribs pattern from "Favorite Socks". I'm a couple hours away from having both socks done, but here's what the first one looks like...

I have to say that I'm realling liking the pattern & how it looks. I was hoping to have them done in time to wear for Easter, today. They're pastel, so they seemed perfect. oh well!

A few of us also hit a few yarn stores on Saturday. One of them was having a sale and I did a bit of damage there. I'll go over that tomorrow & post some pic's of what i got. Must...finish...sock...


  • At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, looks like I might become a double loser. :( BUt I did work Wednesday and I had a cummute for the holiday weekend. Do I get a little break??? Oh, well. My counts are back on for now... there will be no ripping and I will finish this sock tomorrow. I hope.. if th family is not watching me. Fun sock, just the counts are getting easier to mess up. I am curiuos how many will be there at the toe decrease.


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